Date: 2/06/2023

Girl-Child education project in Manso Mpohor District

MIKE FOUNDATION Embarked on Girl-Child education project in Manso Mpohor District within the western region of Ghana on the 2nd June, 2023.
The aim of the project was to help the girl child stay in class and learn when they are in their menstrual period, most often some Girls in the rural communities don’t go to school in such period because their parents can’t afford to buy them sanitary pads to use, so we took upon ourselves as a foundation to give them temporary solution to the problem.
We were able to combine all the Junior High Schools in the community together for the project.
Below are the services and help we extended to Manso community:
1. We distributed 1,000 sanitary pads to the Girl-child in the community.
2.Hepatitis screening for both Male and Female students in the community.
3. Breast screening for the Girl-Child.
4. General Health education for the entire community and.
5. Donation of Food items to all participated schools.
Above mentioned were the help MIKE FOUNDATION extended to them.
We partnered with some Nurses at Effia Nkwanta Regional hospital and Nurses at Manso, who helped us in respect of Health-related matters.
Our Major concern goes to the government and stakeholders in Ghana to take a strong action by eradicating taxes on sanitary pads, and also setting up local firms to produce sanitary pads for the girl Child with affordable prices to enable the parents of the girl child to afford it.
We say Big Thank you to the organizations and individuals who donated to help the project, Chiefs, Christians, Muslims and various heads of institutions who came out in their numbers to support us.