Reaching out to the needy and vulnerable in our communities.

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Mike Foundation

Mike Foundation is a Charity organization formed in the year 2018 by Michael Sulemana who is a season Engineer and Businessman. The foundation has a strong Membership of over 50 people who are the backbone of it growth and the general public.
The primary purpose of the foundation is to give back to society like Orphans home, prisons, Mental homes, hospitals, school in rural communities, health screening and education, education on climate change and Entrepreneurship on capacity building.

Your donation will help us provide
them with;

1.Menstrual hygiene education
2.Health screening (Breast cancer examination, hepatitis B)
3.Entrepreneurship and capacity building
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To reach out to the needy and vulnerable in our communities through Donations, education, health screening and Climate projects.


To be the leading Charity Organization in Africa.

Helping people around in Ghana overcome poverty by learning, participating and donating.

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Our Projects

The work we do to help those most in need.

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